Boris from London looking for forever love

Boris is insecure. For the first nine years of his life everything was fine, but his world fell apart when his owner was hospitalised. He thought he'd found a forever home in West Hampstead, but the first-time dog owner who fell in love with him soon discovered she couldn't cope.
He hated being left, be it it alone at home or in the kitchen at night time.
Luckily Boris's new owner turned to Belinda, a very experienced dog sitter who looked after Boris a few times. In fact for probably two of the three weeks he was in his new home.
I spoke to Boris's new owner today and I could tell she was near the end of her tether. Luckily Belinda stepped in to say Boris could stay with her until a forever home could be found. Here's Belinda's email:

"Boris is a dear, sweet old man with a loving nature but a strong character. He will do almost anything for a cuddle but is very food oriented and can be a little possessive with treats and toys but not to the point of being a threat.

He is, however, VERY INSECURE and the main reason for this is his current situation. He knows that his new owner has not been completely confident about him or his future since the first day she got him and he has, therefore, never felt safe or secure.

I have two rescue dogs of my own and during the times Boris has stayed with us, he has been almost perfect. He picked up our toilet/walk routine within a day and after that, never made a mistake in the house.  I keep him on a short lead and have no problem with him pulling and I allow him onto the couch to cuddle - something his new owner was advised against in case Boris might dominate her!

This little man has lost everything. His original owner, his home, his pack mate - so of course he's insecure!

I truly believe that given a permanent home with an experienced dog owner, he will make a wonderful, loving pet and whoever takes him on will never, ever regret it. If I could keep him myself, I would. I also think he has many years active life left, at the very least.

If you need to talk to me about Boris - please do not hesitate to get in touch. As I am retired, I am in most days and if I'm not, it's usually because I'm walking the dogs so try again.

Belinda Belaire 0207 431 2433"
or phone Sargam Picker 07866 451222 or email for more details


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