If you're staying in and have a full range of digital channels...

There's a couple of TV programmes to miss if you can't stand the sight of me without emailing to tell me to lose weight, do my make-up better etc etc!!

Seriously, Allen Parton texted me this morning to point out that a year to the day that wonderful Endal died the amazing documentary all about him is rerunning both today and tomorrow. The Dog Who Saved our Marriage is on Sky3 at 1pm on Saturday and 3.30pm on Sunday.

It always makes me cry (and not just because it shows me at my heaviest ever, with very bad hair and flu.)

Another documentary airing this weekend (for the first time) is Good Dog! Bad Dog! on More4 immediately after the Crufts BIS coverage at 9pm. I've not yet seen a review copy but someone at Dog World has and you'll be amazed by this extract from the review....

Emphasis is placed on the role of the public in buying puppies from reputable breeders, a memorable quote being: “The main people responsible for animal welfare are the public”. Who said that? No less a person than Beverley Cuddy whose contributions, in my opinion, were measured and intelligent.

For the full review click here.

Allen tipped me off about the Dog World review. Just got this email from him:

"Miss Endal lots but in a strange way he never ever left us, in everything EJ and I do there is always an essence of the big yella fella in our lives some where
PS Hounds for Heroes face book now  @ 1500 plus enlisted"

Click here for Hounds for Heroes Facebook page.


Anonymous said…
God bess you Endal,i know you will be watching from Dog Heaven and enjoying
seeing Allen and EJ continue your tradition at Crufts,miss you.

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