New York and old haunts

I haven't been to New York in over a decade, so my doggie address book was a bit creaky. The fantastic Doggie Do and Pussycats, too has apparently sadly closed after a disagreement between the flamboyant owners involving the sharp end of a pair of grooming scissors.
I thought something was missing when we went passed the Trump Tower, perhaps my navigation skills were out - but I couldn't spot the equally gold-plated Le Chien that used to specialise in doggie tiara's for the likes of Elizabeth Taylor and Madonna's handbag dogs. Which wasn't too much a dent in my day as the expensive little dogs for sale in the window had upset me in previous years.
I took to the web to find a new doggie destination to test my credit cards and discovered the stylish and minimalistic Trixie & Peanut in the Flat Iron District.
But the world has definitely shrunk since my pioneering New-York-New-Doggie stuff shopping expeditions of previous decades as there wasn't the same shock of the new that had necessitated me purchasing an additional suitcase to bring all the goodies home!
Who can forget the pointless doggie bikini or doggie fur coat I'd discovered in Greenwich Village - or the the water bowl in the shape of a very theatrical bejeweled crown? Or the quirky collar attachment with a remote control that can make it appear that your dog is actually talking to people in the park.
I did find some temptation, but nothing to provoke my bank manager to assume someone had stolen my wallet.
I love bad puns and Trixie & Peanuts almost-obsessively tidy shelves were full of them. I had to bring Brad PittBull home and a pair of designer shoes (Jimmy Chew and Bark Jacobs of course) - bad to the bone and most probably coming to a headline in a certain dog magazine as soon as we can think of an article to go with them!
I was very taken with a new doggie laptop bag that I discovered in the lovely but not particularly New-York-specific Pylones store in Grand Central Station.
It's bright pink on the inside, by the way and very gold. It is obviously a must for any dog magazine editor.
I knew it was a stand-out when I heard the male assistants in Trixie and Peanut cooing over it like a new pup in the park.
It was a real SJP moment when my lap(dog)top bag caused a stir, especially when you hear who normally shops at Trixie & Peanut. I quote from their website....

trixie + peanut's growing list of celebrity fans includes Tori Spelling, Uma Thurman, Sean Combs, Drew Barrymore, Parker Posey, Paris Hilton, Molly Sims, Halle Berry, Sophia Bush, Britney + Jamie Lynn Spears, Jessica Simpson, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson, Jimmy Fallon, Ciara, Scarlett Johannsen, Missy Elliott, Shannon Elizabeth, Courtney Cox & David Arquette, Oprah Winfrey, Lucy Liu, Sarah Paulson, Kelly Hu, Lisa Marie, Charlize Theron, Jason Patric, Hilary Swank, Gabrielle Union, Nicole Richie, Penelope Cruz, Star Jones, Rebecca Weinberg, Kyle MacLachlan, Paulina Porizkova, Carson Kressley + Jai Rodriguez, Sharon Osbourne, Star Jones, Randolph Duke, President George W. Bush and former President Bill Clinton.

Their website editor must be on holiday otherwise they'd obviously have added Tess and Oscar to that list already!
Back to Old Chobham today and the dogs are home from kennels without the previous magic trick of massive weight transferance from Beardie to Springer, so very much better supervision than last time so the new kennels gets a good review!
Good to be home even with jetlag. But I do fear that the Internet has made my previous obsession with international pet shop browsing much less of an adventure.
I could cultivate another dangerous shopping habit though! As you can see we discovered Dylan's Candy Bar on this trip. Ralph Lauren's daughter has opened a department store for sweets which seems to have almost the same customer base as Trixie + Peanut bizarrely!


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