A selection of Crufts coverage...

Jemima Harrison gives a great interview this morning on BBC Birmingham

Click here and go to the final 10 mins or so.

And Petethevet from the Telegraph is posting some amazing photos from Crufts, but none more shocking so than these two images of Chinese Cresteds at the show. Ouch.

Click here and here

With the warning letter from eth KC you'd think we'd be seeing dogs looking a bit hairy than normal rather than red raw sore.


Anonymous said…
OMG OUCH Poor baby the KC needs to stop these owners ASAP.
I am glad Pete the vet is being vocal on this, the 3rd picture Pete the Vet wrote: "I'm sorry, but when I see this sort of thing I'm reminded of RSPCA calling Crufts "a parade of mutants" It does make you think...
Anonymous said…
Ms Harrison.......gosh what joke she couldnt do a honest day reporting ...which means she is the ideal employee for DT....will we get another load of once sided un- researched rubbish coverage of Crufts from you rag again....... but that is your stock in trade. Just how many (like this one I bet!!) of this comment do you ever publish that dont agree with you fixed view?? If you want the world of dogs to be open and honest why not let all have their say ......or would that mean wouldnt be able to publish the closed view you have?!?!
Anonymous said…
'The world of dogs to be open and honest' ... ok then ..

What are the benefits for a dog to have ...
a nose which protrudes no further than its eyes,
huge folds of loose skin,
a chest which is only two inches from the ground and ankles turned outwards,
legs which appear tacked on as opposed to supporting the body,
a dog no taller than a staff but weighs as much as a doby,
just the right markings in just the right places,
no hair on it's body at all but tufts that are just so ...
as for having a full scrotum for the show ring!

Caz said…
Most Crested owners would not dream of using harsh chemicals on their dogs but sadly many breeds have a few who want to win at all costs.We are all however fed up of being tarred with the same brush.Perhaps instead of criticising quite so much people would try praising those who give the best of care no matter what the breed and name and shame those who dont
Anonymous said…
Your friend Pete the Vet may have amazing pics from Crufts but maybe you should research info about a breed before posting inks to false statements. Taken from link for pics "The thing is they MUST have hair in some places and NOT in others. Here's a Powderpuff"
Puffs do not carry a dominant gene for hairlessness so that is why they are covered in hair Dohhh!!! Pic he posted is a Puff not a unshaved hairless dog lol Bummer

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