Want a new buddy?

These two very different dogs have one thing in common, they really want a new owner to be their best friend. Can you help?

Buddy is a lovely boy, a big hairy bear.  He's a bit clumsy given his size but that just adds to his endearing nature.  He seems fine with cats thus (the few that he has met) but this has not been heavily tested.  He also seems great with most dogs although seems to prefer bitches to males (however he certainly gets on with some male dogs)!!
He is playful and energetic being such a young boy (approx. 1year - 18mths) and loves to run and jump around the garden.  He's quite strong on the lead and will need additional training but he is extremely responsive so this should be easy to rectify.
He has been around a few older children and is fine with them although given his relative lack of history, I would say there should be a min age of 12years+.
Buddy is in very good health aside a slight knee injury to his front paw which is currently being treated with a 7-day course of anti-inflammatories.  He is due for a check-up early next week to see if this has resolved the problem.
Buddy deserves someone that's totally devoted to him as he is such a wonderful boy and will make the most fantastic companion in return.  He is very affectionate, loves cuddles and being involved in everything that is going on.  He also snores!!!  Buddy has been castrated, vacc'd, microchipped and defleaed.  He's currently in foster in the Bridport area if Dorset.

For more details: kerrypember@hotmail.co.uk 

Frank, Bull Dog X

History: Frank was found stray, already chipped. Owners had passed him on. We know he had lived with children.

Salient points:  Frank came with severe mange which we have now cleared. Aloof but loving; Sees all.  Desperate past so needs aware, patient and committed family. Only pet and companionship

Advert: Frank is a designer dog ... sadly his life just hasn't lived up to that 'dream label'. Found stray in a terrible state but now out of the woods.  Bull dog x with excess folds, a beautiful beige with eyes green yellow. He is 3 yrs and his needs have been neglected both physically and emotionally. Frank is loved by all who meet him. At the kennels he likes to observe the staff going about their business.  Neutered, vax'd. Frank enjoys his walks and in the house likes to sit up high.

Frank was sad; Frank had every reason to be.  Frank is as happy as he could be in a kennel in winter..Our kennel staff offer him love and toys. He so enjoys his walks and leads you out, which wasn't the case when we got him. Frank now needs the owner who is willing to be there for him and provide him with the love and individual care to bring him through into his new life. Frank meets dogs, horses and people with slightly up beat energy but remains focused on his walk. He can be lured into cuddles; is rather pleased but isn't "a licky in your face" dog... just chuffled. Frank needs his family, to be an only pet and to have human company. He is housetrained. Frank is such a special dog.

If you are interested in re-homing Frank please visit the Rescue Remedies - Dog Rescue website and complete our online homing questionnaire.



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