Are you older and wiser?

We've got a series of questions on the Think Tank that are about older dogs and I was wondering if you've had any personal experiences of getting the best out of a vintage dog you could share?

Just click on the blue link next to each topic to read more. If you should have any difficulty posting your reply, please email me at and I'll do it for you.

First of all there's one about the changing training needs of older dogs - click here

And one asking if there really are any wonder drugs that can turn back the hands of time? Have you tried Vivitonin for eg?  - click here

As older dogs are more prone to cancer - a question about gentle approaches - click here

When is it too old for a male dog to sire a litter? - click here

Are older tums always a bit more jippy? Is there anything you can do? - click here

How can you boost an older dogs immunity? - click here

Can you beat normal wear and tear on joints? Do older dogs have to get creaky or is there another way? - click here

Thank you so much for getting involved, these questions and some of the answers will appear in our October edition. If you have another older dog question you'd like posed, please do email me.

Plus, if you have an older dog you'd just like to celebrate please do remember our Golden Oldies page in each magazine. We need to know your dog's age in human years, what breed or type he or she is and their weight. We'll calculate the human years for you and the oldest dog each issue featured will get a fantastic doggie cake from Daisy's Dog Bakery. Every dog featured will get a doggie muffin. And should any dog have reached the human equivalent of 100 years on our chart we'll send them a telegram from the Queen's Corgis! Email your Golden Oldies to


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