Mancunian Mutt Strutt for Nowzad

Been asked to give this a plug - came in too late to go in the magazine:

A fun sponsored walk has been organised in Manchester to raise funds for the local RSPCA branch and the animals of Iraq and Afghanistan.
The 2nd Nowzad Dogs and RSPCA Manchester & Salford Branch Mutt Strutt takes place on Saturday 18 September between 11am and 1pm.
The walk is a gentle 5km in the beautiful surroundings of Boggart Hole Clough, Manchester. Participants are required to raise a minimum sponsorship of £10 or make a one-off donation of £15, and all money raised will be split equally between the two charities. Nowzad Dogs rescues stray and abandoned animals, such as dogs, cats, horses and donkeys, in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The event is sponsored by James Wellbeloved, all walkers will receive a goody bag and there are prizes for raising over £50. Free microchipping is also available for Manchester residents courtesy of Manchester City Council, and the Nowzad and RSPCA stalls will be stocked with merchandise.
 To register please email:


Anonymous said…
For the 2nd Nowzad Dogs I would be happy raise funds any day, but the very fact at this event any funds raised would go to the aligned RSPCA means I wouldn’t. I has such a poor record, of recent years funds on more PR than welfare, on high profile staff than local branches and law cases that should never have been taken were such funds could have been used to held the animals and their owners and not persecute them, no RSPCA has lost all face as far as animal welfare and wise use of money, it would be interesting to see just how many dogs , cats and rabbits could of been fed and homed for life instead of the money wasted at Horsham Palace HQ
cambstreasurer said…
Dear Anon., if you think more money should go go local branches why are you so keen that Manchester and Salford branch should be deprived of income from this event?
Anonymous said…
Cambstreasure as one who appears to be in the know for every £ that is given directly to and used by a local branch how many £s are given straight to HO, via Ad Campaigns , Donate as You Earn Schemes, Tin Rattle days, Marketing products (pet beds and food I see now!!) and Legacies? And just what percentage of that money is given to the local branches? Do they still not charge them for central services (ie legal teams and branding)? While the RSPCA seem to like to hide behind their charitable status as just who has the power and is making the political decisions, and enjoy the six figure salaries to go with it, I think you will find in the current financial climate people will want to see waste and excess cut before they would consider giving.
cambstreasurer said…
Branches pay an annual contribution to the National society which is based on the amount of funds they (the branch) have in reserve. So, for example, one like my own that has less than 3 months reserves pays only £250 each year.

In return for that we get a grant of £12,000 from them, plus the opportunity to raise money by participating in RSPCA week (aka tin rattling) proceeds from which go entirely to the branch.

It's a myth that HQ doesn't run any animal shelters of its own - most of the larger ones are run nationally not by the local branch, as are most of the large animal hospitals.

After the PDSA the RSPCA is the largest provider of help for owners on low income. By knocking us you are directly helping to prevent large numbers of animals getting veterinary care.
Anonymous said…
but what ACTUAL percentage of money given to HO goes to the branches ? 95%, 75%,50% or les than 25%???
cambstreasurer said…
Roughly 10%

(but remember that's 10% of money given directly to the National Society. Any legacies etc. given to a branch stay with that branch).

Arguably it ought to be 0% since the original purpose of the branches was to raise enough money to fund an inspector's salary, with HQ paying for his training.

Things have moved on a bit since then, mainly because:

a) We now expect most rescued animals to live whereas in Victorian times they would nearly all have been humanely killed.

b) Developments in veterinary science mean animal owners can reasonably be held to account for neglect if animals aren't treated, and if we're going to do that it puts the onus on us to make it financially possible even for those who are not well off.

As a result the role of the branches morphed from paying for the inspector into providing the support services that make the inspector's job possible. At the same time, the National Society's role expanded from just education, campaigning and prosecutions to include a whole raft of practical welfare services, like clinics, hospitals and shelters.
Anonymous said…
90% of all donation givent o campaigns then WASTED at their HO and not used in direct annimal care at branches........ PDSA get all my donations in future.........RSPCA can go whistle
Kate Price said…
you obviously have no idea of the work the RSPCA do.
Who do you think pays for the care of dogs, cats, chickens, horses, pigs and wildlife etc etc in head quarter run centres?
Who funds crucial campaigns to stop things like battery farming, fox hunting, badger culling?
Who pays for prosecutions on mindless idiots who kick their dogs to death, starves their horses or illegally fight their dogs?
Please tell me anonymous?
Anonymous said…
Ms Price asks "Who pays for prosecutions on mindless idiots who kick their dogs to death" well not the RSPCA who when asked to prosecute the person who killed their dog with just one kick earlier this years said NO beacuae in THIER opnion the dog did not suffer beacuse it was only kicked the once!! but then again it onlytook OPNE bolt to kill a GSD in thier view to............ so Ms Price yes as far as just what the RSPCA is about, we do all know what they have become and we are dealing with!! or perhaps you can defend theri lackof action in that case too?
Kate Price said…
Ms/Mr anonymous.
as we all have read, there are bad stories but also good stories with the RSPCA.
I do not know the full details on specific cases so keep an open mind. I am personally against the use of captive bolts in small animals and some wildlife.
You however continue to focus on the negative.
So OK I'll ask you again...
Who do you think pays for the care of dogs, cats, chickens, horses, pigs and wildlife etc etc in head quarter run centres?
Who funds crucial campaigns to stop things like battery farming, fox hunting, badger culling?
Have you actually been to a HQ run hospital or wildlife centre and seen for yourself what fantastic work they do around the clock?
All the staff that work at these places work extremely hard and care very much for what they do. Many do alot of their own fund raising in their own time too.
It is at the end of the day the public who pay through donations, fundraising legacies etc. So the RSPCA must be doing something right.
cambstreasurer said…
To clarify:

Of all the money given to or raised by the RSPCA "family" including branches, roughly two thirds is spent by the National Society and a third by the branches. Roughly ten percent of the money spent by the branches was given to them by the National Society.

The national society runs animal homes and hospitals in addition to the inspectorate.

For that money (which totals roughly ten times the income of Battersea + half the income of the PDSA) the public is getting ten times the number of animals rehomed in comparison with Battersea and a little under a half of the number of treatments that the PDSA does.
Anonymous said…
But Battersea and the PDSA dont shoot dogs with bolts, let a person kill a dog with one kick and say its "OK" as it didnt suffer!!!, plead poverty on TV campaigns (yet have 100s of millions in the bank) have TV vets as a chief Vet who doesnt do any ACTUAL vet work for them, and they also kill 20 times more dogs than the PDSA and Batterse put together too!! RSPCA = too political and lost its was in animal welfare
Anonymous said…
sounds like too many chiefs and not enough indians at the RSPCA

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