That lovely Beardie video again for those just picking up the Sept magazine

Here's a wonderful short film that really deserves sitting down with a cup of tea and a whole box of Jaffa cakes. It shows an absolutely idyllic Beardie world created by a fantastic breeder who has loved these dogs for as many years as I have lived. The dogs she has today look just like the ones she had when I was a new born baby! Surely this is what dog breeding should be all about - guardianship rather than putting your stamp on the breed and 'improving' them. The Beardies she fell in love with were pretty much perfect. Intelligent, gentle, considerate, shaggy but not overly hairy, and just totally charming. Why change a winning formula.

Sit back and have a watch.... sigh! Oh to be a Beardie!

Brambledale Bearded Collies from Lynne Sharpe on Vimeo.

Lynne's Brambledale website is here

Do compare the photos from the 1960s to the current day, wonderful!
And our Oscar and Tess do The Caucus Race, too! I hadn't realised it was a Beardie game, but it stops as suddenly as it starts and Oscar makes that funny yipping noise you hear on the film! While I was watching this on the laptop in the kitchen (while making kiddie breakfasts!) Oscar and Tess were fascinated!


Anonymous said…
So lovely! Ceasar Milan would love this video, the Beardie Whisperer. What an idylic life and what wonderful dogs

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