Please support this meeting and stop the Cornish dog ban

This important circular is being distributed to both Cornwall and ex-Cornwall residents who have signed the petition. We hope that ex-Cornwall residents who may be here on holiday will also be able to join us at the meeting.

When: Tuesday 31st August 2010
Time: 19:00 - 19:10 (this is the time the general public are allowed address the Council prior to the main meeting)
Where: Perranporth Parish Council offices (located by Perran rugby club on the road to Haven/Golf Club from the village)
What: Initial vote on the future of dogs on Perranporth Beach


The council have decided to add the following as an agenda item to vote on at this meeting:

a) A total dog ban
b) Dogs restricted by virtue of dates and times
c) No dog ban

We are worried that the vote now seems to be restricted to these three options only. Other suggestions made by us, local residents and businesses appear to have been disregarded. These include:
volunteer dog wardens, sponsored dog bins, local business financing/sponsoring dog bags etc.

We understand that the plan is to allow the Council working group to investigate the chosen (voted for) route in more detail for a potential final vote at the following Parish Council meeting on the 13th of September.

These next two Council meetings could be crucial. Remember, not all Councillors attended the public meeting and may not be aware of the strong support demonstrated against any ban. This could turn out to be our first and last chance to make our opinion heard by all Councillors.

We are encouraged to hear that on the 18th of August, the council for Holywell and Poly Joke had a similar vote as an agenda item. They apparently voted unanimously for no dog ban or restriction (following the example at Crantock).

Rory Jenkins, who has been leading the campaign against the potential ban, asks a pertinent question:

Why is Perran Council not able to take the same decisive and obvious decision? I say obvious, as when you look at the figures for local and wider afield support and the factual arguments, there are plenty in favour of dogs on the beach and only emotive arguments from the minority who want dogs banned or restricted”.

If you’re available, please attend the meeting.


In the pink said…
This affects anyone who holdays with their dog too. The dog is an adored family member and should be able to enjoy family holidays.

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