Do you know any really good support groups?

Wouldn't it be great if there was a central list of fantastic support groups that people could seek help through?

I was just emailing with Jean Hickton who runs Yahoo Addison support group and it made me realise there are similar safe havens which could really help others, too. When your dog is first diagnosed with a condition it would really help to have a group to turn to.

So here's my first nominations for support group:

Addisons Disease:

We would like to welcome anyone who is living with a dog that has Addison Disease, specially those whose pet is newly diagnosed and who are feeling totally lost and out of their depth.
Our aim is to offer what help, support and advice we can based on our own experiences with our own Addison Dogs. However, we must stress that we are not vets but ordinary dog owners who nevertheless, have gained quite a lot of knowledge through the ups and downs of life with an Addison dog.
Mostly we want to offer hope. A properly treated and stabilised Addison Dog should act, behave and enjoy life exactly the same as any other dog. There is no reason that they cannot live out their normal lifespan.

Do you run a support group? Please send me some words (similar length and style as above) about what you do and your contact details and we'll compile a list.

Either comment here or email me direct


Chapstaff said…
What a great idea.

Ok - information is always available on the net as well as through your own vet, but how much better to be able to share experiences & "speak" with lots of people who have been, or are going through the same thing as yourself.

May I crosspost please?
Beverley Cuddy said…
Yes please, do crosspost. Be great to have a really comprehensive list.
San.M said…
Beverly, while I do not own any groups I am a member of a number of yahoo groups on Dog cancer. They are either based on the type of cancer or the type of treatment. In case you wish I can surely pass on the groups links and anyone wishing to join can subscribe. Alternatively your magazine could also contact the group owner/moderator.
Jackie said…
I'm a member of a group for dogs with insulinoma. Although my old fellow died last year, like a few of us whose dogs have passed on, I'm still there. It's supposed to be a rare cancer so we're finding not too many GP vets have much knowledge of it and it's a great place for newcomers to find people to talk to.

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