Cats and Dogs meet the Puparazzi

It's not every day a humble dog magazine editor gets an invite to a red carpet premiere, but on Sunday we had laminated bits of cardboard that gained us access to a very unusual screening of Cats and Dogs: the revenge of Kitty Galore.
Dogs were welcome.  But we still left ours at home.
I know, killjoys.
But Oscar and Tess aren't great film fans. And as we were going out for lunch afterwards finding dog friendly dining was going to be quite a challenge in central London.
No one said anything about cats being welcome and I must say I didn't see any!
It was set in a fantastic venue, the outdoor theatre at Holland Park. I had worried what would happen if it indeed rained cats and dogs, and there was indeed a brief shower, but there was a spectacular canopy (if sadly no spectacular canapés!)
I'd had a bit of a late night on Friday and only a sketchy memory of Saturday for some reason, but it was still no excuse for me dropping off during the film!
I am told by Cameron and his friend Beanz that I missed a brilliant film, but I'm afraid I have fallen asleep at many glittering occasions Silverstone during the Grand Prix, Wimbledon Centre Court matches, Front row at Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders... I could go on. I am famous for dropping off.
I stayed awake long enough to clock a very attractive Anatolian Karabash is one of the lead roles. Now that's imaginative casting!
The movie goes on general release on August 3rd, in 3D, too!
There were quite a few celebs and their dogs on the red carpet and we did enjoy trying to spot them! I was Twittering when an eagle-eyed follower spotted another blogger, also in the audience, doing the exactly same thing so we started Tweeting to each other! (@dulwichmum)
NaturesMenu were providing the doggie bags, and I was expecting to see their advert before or after the screening, but for some reason it didn't come on. It will be on at the cinemas, though.
Here's some more photos of the big day... 


Belle From Across the Pond said…
The Bulldog in the British flag.. Is that a Victorian Bulldog? I know it's been a while, but he (she?) looks to stand taller then the usual type and even seems to have a neck.
I have been looking into bulldog breeds.. The English Bull is just too not my type, as is the Bull terrier. I need something that can keep up with APBT's, and American Bulldogs are far too big for me to feel comfortable handling.. Especially as I have been breeding my APBT's in the 25-40 lb range (approx 11-18 kilos).
We have our own recreated bulldog, (aside from the American Bulldog) which is the Old English Bulldogge, created by David Leavitt in Coatsville, PA, which if he still lives, (and still lives there) is only about a half hour from my town.
I think you might find them interesting, as a recreated "old tyme bulldogge" as I know you expressed admiration in the Victorian Bulldog.

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