Why Oliver's owner has sold his car and his laptop

In June, Oliver, a Springer-Patterdale cross, suffered an extremely painful spiral fracture to his hind leg. The unfortunate three-year-old’s owner, Darren Puttock, is self-employed in the building trade, and with no work available at the moment, is appealing for help with his dog’s vet bills.
Darren explained how the accident happened: “When I got a treat out, Oliver jumped up and his back legs went from under him. As he came down he put out his rear leg to stop himself from falling on his back, and landed in a twisting motion, with all his weight on one leg.”
Oliver was referred to a specialist, who planned to pin the broken bone, but this was not possible due to the severe corkscrew-type break. It was subsequently decided that Oliver should wear a plaster cast.
Unfortunately, Oliver’s cast became wet on a trip outside to the toilet, causing his leg to become gangrenous. Sadly, this has led to Oliver losing the pads and smallest digit on his paw.
These complications to an already unpleasant injury mean that rather than a cast, Oliver wears a bandage that is changed weekly so his wounds can be cleaned. To date Darren has paid £2,200 towards his dog’s recovery, generating the money by selling his car and laptop. Oliver’s treatment is likely to continue for another eight weeks and could cost a further £2,400. Darren is extremely grateful to Tailwaggers for donating £300 and would welcome any further donations to help his dog back on to all four paws.
Darren said, “Oliver was such a active dog: he could run up to 10 miles a day, loved swimming and was constantly playing and socialising. He has a great temperament, is well behaved and loves everyone.
“Oliver has always been there for me during tough times, and it would mean the world to me if he could regain his full fitness.”
If you can help Oliver get back on his feet you can donate via JustGiving by clicking this link


Chapstaff said…
Good luck to you, donated a fiver, it all helps.

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