Can you calculate COIs?

While I love Apple Macs there are times when having one does mean you are discriminated against.
For example, I would very much like to be able to calculate the coefficient of inbreeding for a particular dog. If I lived in Sweden I simply could turn to the Swedish Kennel Club website and type in the name of the dog and instantly I would have the COI. Well I would be able to if I had a PC. Even Sweden isn't Mac friendly.
As our KC is not that evolved no matter what type of computer you have, I needed to source the software to calculate the COI.
Guess what - it's all PC-only!
So I have a choice - buy a new computer just to calculate COI and the software. Or learn how to do cross platform stuff on my already creaky Mac - scary.
Or appeal through this blog for someone who might already have the software and a computer that can handle it to please, please, please calculate the COI for this one particular dog.
We need to use the maximum number of generations as all the inbreeding seems to concentrate on the fourth generation onwards.
My manual research shows that 11 out of the 16 dogs in the 4th generation are all line bred to three siblings! And of the remaining 5 dogs many of them feature one or other of those siblings parents.

Be very grateful for any help anyone can offer!


Badger said…
I can run windows on my mac via Parallels, all very clever stuff. Hated giving Microsoft my money to purchase XP mind you but had to do it to check my websites work in their cruddy software called Internet Explorer. You see Mac are the far superior machine, can you imagine a PC letting you run Apple!? ha!

Email me want you want Bevers and I will have a look into it this evening.

Anonymous said…
Hi Beverley see if you can use this website - It's an online calculator.
Hope it helps.

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