Look closely at your vet bill!

How much is your vet now charging you for prescriptions?
The law change at the beginning of the month means that prescriptions you take away and fill online are no longer free of charge .
What is your vet charging? Can you help us research this?
One of our readers found it varied between £10 plus VAT to £2.50 including VAT in her area per prescription. With her rescued Great Dane being on constant very expensive regular medication that is available at half the price on line compared to via her vet this extra cost at the vets is a very unwelcome change.
Click here to go to the relevant page of Dogs Today Think Tank to please add your regional price information.
And while you're at the other blog, do have a look at the other questions and see if you can add anything to the answers already in. Rocky and Rambo are certainly attracting the most comments so far.

I'm back in work today and Kieran is back in school - thanks in no small part to the pharmaceutical industry in general!


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