Who are those people with the Partons?

Thought I'd share these pix of Allen and Sandra Parton from the Quantum of Solace royal premiere. These are British Legion pix - but I believe there is also one of Allen with a Bond girl on his lap - but that one isn't on general release!
EJ, Endal and Ikea all had the night off. Guess Endal being retired and EJ not having an official jacket probably means that red carpet invites are going to be out of bounds for them... very sad!

Endal and Daniel Craig - oops, no sorry easy mistake to make - it's Allen Parton

Endal (one of our calendar boys) has been making headlines, too. Click here

And do look at the last post for more Dogs Today Dogs of the Year winners sponsored by Drontal - Britain's number one wormer. (Just added some more stuff!)


Chapstaff said…
"Who are those people with the Partons?"
Hahaha - like it!

Shame about Endal & EJ not being there. EJ should definitely be allowed a yellow jacket :(

Nice story about Endal as Mr February, bless him

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