Dog of the Year 2009

Joe-Ann Hegge and beloved Odin - Dog of the Year 2009

Our calendar has finally hit the streets and our lovely Dog of the Year Odin is making headlines.

Click here to see the story in London's Metro.

Huge thanks to Joe-Ann and Odin for sharing their inspiring story, I'm sure it'll help lots of others in similar situations. Her "soul mate with a furry coat on" has made all the difference.
And can I say a really massive thank you to Drontal - Britain's number 1 wormer.
They made our calendar possible and thanks to their sponsorship we can tell the world about these 12 really uplifting stories. I'll tell you a few of the stories more every now and again when I get few mins... don't forget to get your calendar, free with the December issue out now and cheaper on the web than in the shops.
It the midst of all the Pedigree Dogs Exposed fall out we have these 12 remarkable stories to remind us who we're fighting to help. All these 12 dogs have made the most amazing difference to others' lives. It's up to us to do the same for them and keep pressing for reform that saves them from suffering and ensures they stick around for our descendants to appreciate, too. Not all are pedigrees - we have two gorgeous crosses, too. But without pedigrees there'd be no crosses either.
Small Dog, Huge Difference award
In our top 12, a plucky Cavalier that works as a Hearing Dog - which in itself would be impressive, but she also saved her owner Nicola Willis when she collapsed in a remote place by running off and finding help in a very imaginative way - grabbing a man by the trouser leg to make him follow! Turns out Lye had found Nicola a handsome male nurse - what a perfect dog!
Then Lye defended her owner and her daughters against burglars in their home and took a very nasty kick for her trouble.
Lye was Nicola's pet dog first before she was trained by Hearing Dogs to help her owner.
Do we need any more reasons to save this wonderful breed from all the ghastly health problems?


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