Dogs Today Think Tank

Five new problems on the Dogs Today Think Tank - can you have a look and see if you can help with either some solutions or some observations?

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But don't forget to read the last blog... if your dog can talk, we want to hear all about it!

We are all in quarantine here. Mel, who sells our adverts gave me the flu and I've passed it on to my son Kieran who was meant to be having exams today.

I'm working from home today and trying to keep my poorly son company, and finish the magazine (we go to press on Thursday!) and stay alert on approx two hours of sleep. Yawn! Its going to be a long day I can tell already! Oscar has the day off from the house of sickness, he's being photographed today for a new book on grooming by Peter Young of Peter's Posh Pets fame. He loves getting pampered and I have to say he's a text book example of a dog who always needs grooming.


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