Did your copy of the magazine arrive okay?

Can I just check if any of you have not yet received your postal copy of the magazine? If you've not yet got yours, can you email me your address including postcode? The reason I'm a bit jumpy is that five of our remote workers haven't yet had their copies which were posted by our printers last week and we had a lot of calls in the office yesterday from other anxious people who still hadn't had their mag - which is unusual. My home and work seed copies arrived okay - so it looks like the bulk were posted, we just may have a sack or two that have got lost in the Royal Mail system.
The printers are investigating from their end - just wanted to get an idea of the scale of the problem.
Anyone receive their mag in damaged packaging? This month the mailing house appear to have used a different mailing bag and as we have a calendar and a sample of Vitalin food enclosed this could be part of the problem - although I need evidence if this is the case.
So can you email me if you got everything okay, your package was damaged or it has still not received.

My email is beverley@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk

Sorry about this folks!
Have you tried the free food sample yet? I split a bag between Oscar and Tess and sprinkled it on top of their Naturediet this morning. Tess hoovered it up with her usual speed but Oscar was fascinating to watch!
It was only today that I realised he has never eaten anything other than Naturediet and table scraps in our house (and Pigs ears and treats! And some childrens' shoes...) - he's not eaten dried food until today!
He ate each piece of kibble separately - chewing it suspiciously as if it might have a worming tablet concealed within it! Took ages, Tess was shaking with anticipation waiting for him to finally finish so she could lick the bowl. But he'd eaten every last bit when she did get there - so he did like it.
Will see how he does digestion wise, but the packet says it's full of good stuff - it's certainly changed since was a kid and we used to have great sacks of it for our pack of Beardies. Vitalin used to look like it had cornflakes in it when it was around in the 1970s! All changed now.
Our great breeder Wendy must have brought our Oscar up well as a pup, how very sensible it is to chew thoroughly before swallowing!
However, you'd not think it was the same dog who only a few days before was gobbling up a dead rabbit at record speed! He ate the eyes first - and no, he didn't chew then - he just swallowed - yeuk!!!


Anonymous said…
Is the December issue out in the shops yet? I keep looking for it but haven't seen it yet.
Anonymous said…
It's great that Obama is going to choose a rescue dog.
Changing the subject, Beverley what's this parliamentary group that is going to report on pedigree dogs?
I was looking at posts on the Dog Forum just now, and read about it.
It's made up of vets and other interested parties.
On the Dog Forum so many people were being antagonistic to the whole idea of a group looking into the subject that I had to hurriedly log off, as their comments made me angry. They are so anti-vets, I cannot understand why.
They obviously feel only breeders should be consulted.
I wonder if you know about this.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Magazine should be out there. However, if you live anywhere near Joe-Ann Hegge - Dog of the Year Winner - you may have trouble tracking it down. Her mum went out and bought up 40 copies at her local newsagents!!!!

You can buy on-line cheaper than in the shops if you're having trouble tracking it down. You can buy just a single copy if necessary and p&p is free to the UK.

Go to this link... http://www.dogstodaymagazine.co.uk/dogsmag.php

There's some incredibly hostile breeders out there at the moment and I'm not sure entirely why, it may be just a few people logging onto many forums under different names.
Change is inevitable and long overdue. But it's taking some people a long time to get their heads around it. The KC has dithered for so many years that some breeders just don't see the need for regulation. But even if they themselves as breeders are exemplary and not needing guidance the vast majority are not and they need to be looking at the whole picture and not just self interest.
Linda Ward said…
I haven't tried the food, because I keep any free samples we get in my van. If we are ever stuck in the snow or break down, or they close a motorway with us on it at least I have something to feed the dogs!
Chapstaff said…
Tala my Staffie loved the food so much I've been using it as a healthy treat / reward.

received my mag 6th or 7th
Anonymous said…
Mine got here safely and in good time :) however neither of my dogs were keen on the food at all! My cat was desperate to get at it though! :)

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