Clash of the Titans

The Poodle has stiff competition. There is another massively top winning dog in the final for Crufts. Hungarian Vizsla Eng Sh Ch & Aust Ch Hungargunn Bear It'n Mind.

If you ever need a living example of why there needs to be be a limit on the number of times a popular sire is used this could be it.

This gorgeous dog has won so well world wide that he has been very much in demand as a stud. It is thought he's already sired more than 400 pups in the UK alone.

In 2009 only 1,306 pups were registered in this breed so you can see how his genes will dominate in future generations - there will be very few lines that don't carry his influence.

In other countries stud dog use is limited by their Kennel Club to stop ancestor erosion. Only a small percentage of a generation can be sired by the same dog.

The heart problem in Cavaliers is said to date back to one or two top stud dogs used extensively but not showing symptoms until it was too late.

Allowing one dog's genes to obliterate all others is like playing Russian roulette. No one can now what is lurking recessively. If people will repeatedly line breed to top dogs unchecked I have to say I find myself very uneasy.

We need a sensible framework that stops this destructive rush to chase the winning genes and abandon all other lines.


Anonymous said…
Think you should start dusting your Crystal Ball LOL Your predictions were totally wrong
Beverley Cuddy said…
Well not totally - the Standard Poodle did win reserve? But I shan't be taking up astrology....

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