Crufts demo footage

So was Crufts cut off by a rolling road block of 100 coaches hijacked by militant veggies? Did the protesters throw flour at people with wheat allergies as feared?

Bravely a Dog World reporter approached the demonstrators (she was possibly wearing a stab vest) and she asked Dave the demonstrator some really searching questions.

Dog World's reporter was horrified - not by their behaviour - but by the protesters' spelling on their placards... she noted with disgust that they managed to spell syringomyelia correctly - but not Cavalier! Click here for that report.

Here's the link so you can see the terrifying Crufts demo for yourself.

Like they used to say at the end of Crimewatch, now don't go having nightmares will you. I feel sorry for the parents, I bet Dave's mum is mortified he didn't use a spellchecker before printing his placards.


Indiana Rowz said…
I've just been to my first Crufts ever (and only second dog show). I actually enjoyed it! I didn't see any demonstations at all. Apparently there were less people there than normal, but I found it to be not too bad an experience. I thought the security was very good, although many others moaned about it. They wouldn't let a dog out the building for exercise without the paperwork. Many owners gave the security guards a hard time over this but I'm sure they wouldn't have moaned if someone had tried to steal their dog.

What I did find worrying were the amount of people who left their dogs alone on the benches. A number of them had temporary cages but were still quite vicious, which really surprised me. I walked past with my dog and they went beserk! One lady got bitten in the ring and had to go to hospital.

It was lovely to see good, healthy dogs and the visitors being so appreciative of them. It did my dog a lot of good, because he met so many different people (most of them petting him.)
I had concerns about whether he would like it, so I videoed him in the ring. When we played it back he seemed to be really enjoying himself, preening even! I was completely stunned when he was placed, particularly as he'd had no preparation other than grooming.
I didn't like the way some handlers took towels, spray and combs into the ring. It looked ridiculous to see them grooming the dogs whilst they were waiting to be seen by the judge.
I felt, as a novice, that some people seemed to be far too concerned with the prestige of THEM winning, rather than the dog. The dog seemed in some cases to be a means towards an end.

I left the show completely shattered but I will go again. I thinks it's up to responsible dog owners to show good, healthy and happy dogs to the public to help them understand and celebrate the vastly different breeds of dogs.
Hopefully the Kennel Club will get it's act together and only deal with responsible breeders who believe that the health and welfare of their dogs is paramount.

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