The final instalment of the Endal story

If, like me, you cried watching Endal the documentary last night - be ready to cry some more.
I've just taken a very difficult call for Allen to make, he was on the way to the crematorium.
Poor Endal had a seizure on Sunday. The whole family were together when they decided to let the lovely old fellow go peacefully.
We all knew he was on borrowed time, but Endal managed to teach EJ some of the ropes and was visibly relieved to see that someone special was ready to take over looking after his master. In retirement Endal was at peace and enjoying life, but he couldn't stay forever. Allen didn't want his best friend to suffer and he made sure the pain meds were the best possible - but you can't cheat time.
I'm sure everyone sends their love to the Parton family at this very sad time.
Endal was the most famous dog in the world.
The dog that saved a marriage and gave the world a glimpse of how the love of a good dog could change everything.
Goodbye Endal it was such a huge privilege to have known you and seen the changes you made to all those around you.
No more pain in those creaky old front legs.
Wonder if they have cash points in heaven...


Anonymous said…
Run free at the bridge Endal


alfmcmalf said…
God its just horrendous when they finally go.

They will be devastated at their loss. Send them our best wishes and thank them for being generous in sharing so much of the joy that was Endal.
Linda Ward said…
At least they were together when they said goodbye.

Endal was inspirational and was a true one-off, and was the very, very best. Send them my love.

Run free Endal.

Anonymous said…
i have just had to read this 3 times to check i was reading it right. I cant believe he's gone to rainbow bridge. He was such an amazing dog. He was such a special dog and from watching the documentary yesterday him and alan were clearly unseprable. Let our thoughts be with the familly especially Alan in what will be such a hard time and hope he gets through it. And to endal R.I.P the most amazing dog in the world, you will never be forgoten xxxxx
Anonymous said…
Oh - can't believe that Endal is gone!! My human says that she wishes they could get UK TV here at the end of the world, so she can keep up with all these things happening.

All of us dogs look up to Endal - he was such an amazing dog. It must have been so hard for his humans to let him go. Am sending them lots of slobbers.

Honey the Great Dane
Chapstaff said…
How ironic that Endal should die on the same day we watched his documentary with tears in our eyes.

You were an amazing friend Endal & will never be forgotten.

Best wishes to Allen & all the family x
Anonymous said…
I haven't seen the documentary yet. I'm not sure I can. But I must. I know I'll smile and cry.
Tracey said…
God Bless you Endal. Your true spirit and determination helped Allen through his hard times. Thinking of you all. R.I.P Endal.
Anonymous said…
Endal you will never be forgotton you touched so many hearts, we at Lab rescue NW will thank you for visiting us at Crufts 2 yrs ago and making the day extra special.A "celebrity" visiting us,!
run free at the bridge special boy...
Elizabeth said…
Oh God, it's a very, very sad moment. I bought the book few weeks ago only because I saw that was a true story with a yellow lab in the middle. My husband and I have one, Joy, and he has been our treasure and source of love and happiness. I can imagine how sad is for the Parton family that Endal is gone but they can have confort in all the mmories that they have and in all love that they received from him. Dogs can be the most loved family member. One hug and please, love our new member as you loved Endal.

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