Just seen this posted on another forum...
Just heard that 'people' will be attending Crufts this week. They are going to let your dogs out of their cages and cars and set them free. "A dead dog is better than a show dog" they say.

Be warned - I'm taking a padlock etc., just in case!
Now I for one am finding it very hard to believe that the bunch of vegetarians attributed with organising the Crufts protest are going to want to harm anything with a face - even a squashed up one!
And what are people doing contemplating leaving dogs in their cars in any case?
I have to say people really need to calm down. I get the feeling that any of the usual out-of-work actors employed by any of the trade stands to walk about the NEC promoting trade stands in dog costumes may need to be paid danger money at this rate!

The next post on the forum had to be passed on, too...!

Put the lead when you are walking around on a lead/belt/rope around your waist so nobody can snatch the lead when you're distracted trying to get through the crowds. Be ready with your phone to video or photograph of you spot trouble.

There are aspects of Crufts I HATE, one of which is the general public


Pai said…
Yes, because hating on 'the public' is a great way to improve your PR and educate folks about your hobby!

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