Crufts and their 'new' best friends!

Being refused a press pass, I'm obviously not on my way to Birmingham this morning.

Instead after the school run, a car will pick me up to take me to the Sky News studios where there'll be a live link to Crufts and Caroline Kisko.
Likely to be on 10-11am should you want a ringside seat!

Yesterday it was Channel 5 news wanting to know why we hadn't got a press pass.
Can't help but think whoever is in charge of media relations at the KC needs to go on a course!
It would not be a story that the editor of Dogs Today gets a press pass to Crufts.

I see the KC have announced their Friends for Life contestants. Gosh they really looked hard for those didn't they? Every year they lift our stories - never get any credit of course - or indeed even a press pass for doing their research!
But this year has seen them going that extra yard!

Two will be VERY well known to this blog's readers - one is Farley - one of our calendar winners.

Glad to know they're reading our publication in the PR department.

Farley's story was well PR'd by Dogs for the Disabled, so I concede they may not have had to read our magazine to find that one.

But the other one, well it has it roots on this very blog. It is so much our story.

Remember Harry the Tibetan Terrier owned by homeless domestic violence victim Caroline Rich?
The story came to Tailwaggers Club Trust - the small and ancient charity I am Chairman of.
The housing association had initially written to the Kennel Club Charitable Trust asking for their help for Caroline who was struggling to afford to buy food for Harry.
The KC had not been able to assist - and instead they'd referred them to our tiny impoverished charity, instead!

How ironic that the KC are now using this very story to promote Crufts after not being able to find any funds to help this wonderful pair in their hour of need!

Via this blog we had an enormous response to an appeal for help and very generously Organipets offered to feed Harry for a year only hours after reading this blog.

I know Caroline was very grateful and we gave them both a Cold Wet Nose Award, too. Here's the link to the blogs so you can see it for yourself...

But look how the KC have written up the story - how very, very petty! If you're going to refuse to help needy people at least give some credit to those that did actually step in and help! Outrageous.

  • HARRY, TIBETAN TERRIER AND OWNER CAROLINE RICH FROM WALES: Harry was the only companion for Caroline when she was made homeless after fleeing from domestic violence. Caroline Rich, from Wales, was made homeless after fleeing domestic violence and found that Harry, her Tibetan Terrier was the only person that she count turn to for unconditional love and friendship, really earning his title of Caroline’s new ‘best friend’. When United Welsh Housing Association stepped in to offer Caroline temporary accommodation it thankfully recognised Caroline and Harry’s love for each other, changing its policy to enable them to stay together. Caroline and Harry’s bond was so strong that appeals for help through charitable organisations and the internet meant that other’s stepped in as well, to ensure that Harry had all of the food and care he needed and Caroline all of the love that had become so essential for her, from her four-legged friend. To vote for Caroline and Harry call 0901 0100613 or text HARRY to 83088.
So we're not worthy of a press pass - but they really like our stories so much they want to 'borrow' them!

Can't wait for that car to come.... let me at them!

10am update:
I'm here at Sky, in the green room - on Wifi with a coffee - how civilised! It's going to be on at 10.30am.


Linda Ward said…
What a cheek!

Plus they could do with a good sub to check their copy. Very basic mistake there. Shocking.
alfmcmalf said…
The KC doesn't seem to get "irony" do they? They certainly don't get public relations. I thought they were all boastful of the priority they are giving health and welfare matters this year? What with the judges retraining and the new Health Zone. How will Dogs Today be able to report on those if refused a press pass?

My gut feel is that they don't want you to be in a position to report on that because as usual there will be no substance to these "developments" whatsoever. I am willing to eat these words if in fact I find on my visit that these developments are significant. In fact if they can demonstrate a marked shift in approach I might just have to go up and give Ronnie a big kiss.
Anonymous said…
Re: Sky news,

1 nil to Caroline Kisco I would say.
Anonymous said…
Hmm I would say 1 nil to B Cuddy. Depends which side of the fence you are on I guess. But what is obviously is that Caroline Kisko got in a total state and looked pretty ridiculous. She started with such promise to. Beverley also made a little slip when she said about mother and daughter crosses - hmm wonder how that can happen? But at least she stayed calm. In all honestly I struggled to understand what either were going on about as it felt like i was spying on a private slagging match. Still I should imagine Sky News enjoyed it, 2 batty dog women going at one another. Good job Beverley and Caroline were not sharing a room for the interview or i think Beverley may well have come out withe her hair pulled.

Good fun to watch though! Thanks for the tip off.
Looks as if the Royal Apostropher has been uncommonly generous to the Crufts press office.

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