Urgent help needed

Do please look on the Think Tank, we have a very urgent question involving these poor little rescued pups that are suffering from mange. One of the pups has already died. Does anyone know of any alternative methods that might be a bit gentler? Click here
Other questions on that blog that need answers include a funny one about normal sleep behaviour. I've given an account of my two dogs normal sleep behaviour, what about yours? Click here.
And on the CV247 blog do read about Heidi the Border Collie. Her mammary tumour has reduced and softened after just five days of the method. Fingers crossed this keeps up. Plus we've got the latest ever-growing list of vets prescribing CV247. And an update on Cinnamon the cat. If there are any American vets interested in becoming pioneers of this method, please do get in touch (beverley@dogstodaymagazine.co.uk). Good luck to all those trying the method.
And please everyone cross post the requests for help on the rescue pups with mange or any other of the appeals.


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