What are you doing tomorrow night?

Thursday night TV is always a highlight - ER, Grey's Anatomy... doesn't get much better really although Grey's series two and three are nowhere near as McGood as series one.
But this week you'll need to reserve your seat on the sofa a little earlier.
At 9pm there's an hour long special on Endal the Dog that Saved Our Marriage on Sky Real Lives channel.
From memory you'll find Sky Real Lives about three screens down on the Sky menu.
It's a very in-depth documentary filmed in glorious HD. (Just typical really considering I had flu when they filmed my bit.... but at least I'm topical - it's red nose day soon isn't it?)
I've seen a clip already and it should be a great show. Click here for a taster.
I hear Endal the book is still jumping up at the top of the best seller list.
Should you miss the show there's a repeat at 10pm on Saturday 14th March.


Chapstaff said…
Couldn't get the video to work on that link, but some lovely pics of Allen & Endal, not forgetting little EJ.

Thanks - looking forward to watching that, especially your red nose lol
I'll prog it in now :o)
Chapstaff said…
For those who go through all the channels twice before finding it - it's on 243, then an hour later on plus 1
Chapstaff said…
Loved it, what a great documentary. Heart breaking, but heart warming too.

Thanks for telling us it was on Beverley or I'd have missed it.

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