Worms and puppy dog tails

It's not the topic for lunchtime, I know. But can I direct you to the Think Tank - for a discussion on worming frequency. Does anyone have any real figures for Toxocariasis cases? And another on cosmetic docking still being a problem.
Nearly done the blasted accounts... and then tomorrow the kids break up for Easter. I know, it's weeks off till we exchange Easter Eggs.
So I'll have the child work juggle to contend with next so blogging may be slow as my son may be rather keen to play World of Warcraft on my Mac. Grrr!


Linda Ward said…
I sympathise with the child/laptop thing! I gently suggested to Jacob's dad that Jacob could share *his* computer after school as I needed mine for work and study at the same time of day and he bought a second hand one. :D Best move he ever made! Although it's sad when I end up talking to him, both in the same house, via windows messenger!

Jacob's holiday is not until Easter, although last year he was at a different school and we had the same problem. Good luck!

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