Tributes flood in

I spoke to Allen earlier and he was so touched to receive 50 or more sympathy cards this morning, some addressed just to Allen and Endal. His postmen are wonderful for finding the right house aren't they!
Flowers have been filling up the house, too.
Allen is reading this blog, but is only reading a few tributes at a time as he finds it just too emotional otherwise.
Allen confided that had been afraid that due to his head injury he would eventually forget Endal. But instead he is finding on waking he doesn't remember he has gone. He says it is a bit like Groundhog day as he has to go through the hurt afresh every morning.
Allen says that young EJ seems to have grown up quite a bit in the last few days. I guess with Endal gone, he realises it's time to step up to the mark.
He's still not quite the little angel yet, while Allen was talking to me he rolled in fox poo!
Allen thanks you all so much for leaving these tributes, I'm sure they'll be much treasured by the Parton family. It's wonderful that so many people are finding their way here from all corners of the world.


Chapstaff said…
Ohh bless him. I can't imagine how horrific it must be to suffer afresh every morning :(

Best wishes to Allen, Sandra & family from me and Tala x
Anonymous said…
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jo siemieniowski said…
I have just watched the programme on how Endal helped Allan to get a hold on his life and was moved to tears, it made me realise just how emotionally attached I am to my dog Zak, I was told that as his fits are so severe he would not have a normal lifespan, and would probably pass away during one of his seizures, I cant imagine what pain that will bring, I was so pleased when Allan got little EJ, to help him as Endal did, I too got another boxer, Tasha, but whilst watching the programme it dawned on me that no other dog could replace Zak, just as EJ could never replace Endal, and now i feel so sad, will Zak get so distressed during his life that I will have to consider having him put to sleep? I don,t know how Allen is feeling, but i hope that he is coming to terms with Endals passing. and I can only hope that I too will be able to cope the same way. my very best wishes go to Allen and Sandra and of course to the rest of their family.

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