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Here's a wonderful short film that really deserves sitting down with a cup of tea and a whole box of Jaffa cakes. It shows an absolutely idyllic Beardie world created by a fantastic breeder who has loved these dogs for as many years as I have lived. The dogs she has today look just like the ones she had when I was a new born baby! Surely this is what dog breeding should be all about - guardianship rather than putting your stamp on the breed and 'improving' them. The Beardies she fell in love with were pretty much perfect. Intelligent, gentle, considerate, shaggy but not overly hairy, and just totally charming. Why change a winning formula.

Sit back and have a watch.... sigh! Oh to be a Beardie!

Brambledale Bearded Collies from Lynne Sharpe on Vimeo.

Lynne's Brambledale website is here

Do compare the photos from the 1960s to the current day, wonderful!
And our Oscar and Tess do The Caucus Race, too! I hadn't realised it was a Beardie game, but it stops as suddenly as it starts and Oscar makes that funny yipping noise you hear on the film! While I was watching this on the laptop in the kitchen (while making kiddie breakfasts!) Oscar and Tess were fascinated!


Anonymous said…
Idyllic! I wonder if she'd like to adopt me?!
Anonymous said…
Wow, to be a Brambledale Beardie indeed! Thoroughly enjoyed the video and Brambledale website.

Pai said…
'Improvement' has radically altered (or ruined) many breeds from what they originally were intended to be by their founders. I only wish more breeders were like Ms. Sharpe in their true commitment to breed preservation and guardianship.
Anonymous said…
I love this video clip and have watched it many times. Lynne has kept the true beardies not the ponsified once of today that have the the problems of immune disorders etc. My Working Beardie is intelligent, hard work and very healthy. long live Lynne and her Brambledales
Beverley Cuddy said…
Just had this message in from Lynne:

Dear Beverley,
I have just seen the video-viewers comments on your blog and wonder whether you could post a note to say how touched I am by them? It is lovely to have such support and I very much appreciate their kind words.
Chapstaff said…
I couldn't have managed a whole box of Jaffa cakes, but managed to watch the whole video in amazement & admiration.

What control, all achieved with love. I especially liked the way Lynne conversed with her dogs rather than giving short sharp commands. They all "worked" for Lynne from sheer pleasure.

At first I was surprised to see how amazingly well behaved they were with their bones, after watching the whole video I would have been surprised to see anything else.

And aww, those litters of puppies interacting so well with Lynne & the other dogs, familiarising themselves with the countryside & the agility course...what lucky people to aquire one of the confident, outgoing Brambledale Beardies.

The treehouse place is idyllic, can't think of anything better than spending Summer nights there with all the dogs....sigh!

Thanks for sharing this Beverley.
Anonymous said…
What an inspiration, Lynne is showing the rest of us just how puppies should be brought up and socialized. I always thought I was doing a good job but now see just how far off the mark I really was.
Thank you Lynn and Beverly for this inspiring video.
Anonymous said…
What a wonderful video. Big grin all the way through it.

It really does press home the addage 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'. Lynne's dogs look as the dog should, while all the others have the most profuse coat which has to be impractical. The website is so extensive and I've looked at the alternatives. So much history, information and health details.

She really is an inspiration and proof that when you truly love and appreciate a breed, perfection is a moot word and the best is done for the dog not personal vanity.

Not surprising to see the KK stance, but then hipocrisy is rife when it comes to their breed standard, what they say and who they give awards to.

By the by - why were Old English docked previouly but not Beardies - their history is doing the same job.

Anyway, I shall remember that Beardies means Brambledales.

We need a Lynne for every breed. Fabulous.

HTTrainer said…
Extremely interesting video. The Brambledale website is very informative. I wish her well in her efforts, this is true breed improvement, not what most show breeder hide behind when they say "to Improve the breed".
I'll bet that DNA testing will show that the co-efficients of inbreeding are too high for KC acceptable beardies and popular sire syndrome has reduced the numbers of breeding males to 10% or less.
HTTrainer said…
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Anonymous said…
What a wonderful video. Thanks so much for sharing, Beverley. x

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