One day for humankind - big one for pups

Just received this email and very happy to pass it on, hope there's a good turnout:

An event is planned for 12.00-3.00pm on Saturday 31st July outside Petsville International petshop, 68, Richmond Road, Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey where a local petition, calling on Kingston Council to adopt stringent licencing requirements for shops selling dogs, will be available for signing.
The local petition is supplemented by an on-line version for those who can't attend the event but would like to offer support. Click here.



J Tozer said…
We do not condone the sale of puppies in petshops. Whilst it is normal practice abroad (saw many in Paris recently) we think it is both irresponsible and ridiculous to sell puppies in shops in this country for the obvious reasons.

That said, are the staff actually doing a bad job with the care of their animals? Does the shop have a bad reputation? Is it a member of the Pet Care Trust or similar?The reason we ask is that a protest can be so damaging to the reputation and morale of a shop and in these harsh economic times, where margins are very small in pet retail, you could be talking about contributing to the destruction of someone's livelihood (and loss of jobs for the staff who work there).

If it is the council at fault - and that could certainly be the case as in our experience very few councils have the level of knowledge required to make decisions on petshop licensing - then surely the protest should be outside the council offices (on a weekday between 9-5 as they don't work the long hours of retail at the weekends!)

It is tough to make a living today and we struggle even having won awards for promoting responsible pet ownership and for customer service.

So please think before you readily reTweet or pass on this message.

Johnderondon said…
There is a demonstrable link between pet shops selling dogs and the puppyfarming industry with its attendant welfare concerns.

Until that link is broken the sale of dogs through pet shops will remain part of a supply chain that fuels further suffering and abuse.

I cannot agree that the economic climate provides justification for the continuance of poor welfare practice.
J Tozer said…
I agree with Johnderondon regarding the link with puppy farms and with animal welfare concerns. We have won awards for promoting responsible pet ownership, for over and above customer service especially in relation to animal knowledge and welfare and we totally oppose the sale of puppies and kittens in shops. I was not saying that 'the economic climate provides justification for the continuance of poor welfare practice' - I was just asking if there was any other approach other than protesting outside the shop, if the store does well otherwise in its approach to animal care.

I expect you feel that if they sell puppies they cannot possibly have a conscience with regard to animal welfare and therefore they shouldn't exist as a pet shop, and they may well be the case. I would just hope that all other reasonable avenues of approach have been taken with regard to trying to stop this shop from selling puppies and kittens, before resorting to protests outside the store.

In my experience in the pet trade the sale of livestock is not a lucrative one, although we have never sold puppies or kittens and only keep to the basics from reputable parentage and where we know the provenance and approve. It does not make sense to me for a shop to sell puppies in any country - offering advice on the care of animals, providing good quality food and accessories is much more rewarding and ultimately more profitable (although even that is limited these days).
jo siemieniowski said…
Chapstaff said…
A sensible petition, not just an emotional one, well worded.
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