Sorry my dog bit you, he's feeling a bit blue

I know, I'm on holiday. But just got a message from the office to say BBC Radio Surrey and Sussex want to interview me about today's story in the Mail that says that aggressive dogs are probably just depressed and that basically, some prozac could sort them out.
What do you think of this story folks?
It's true when a dog becomes depressed they can't just put Morrissy on the Ipod and eat loads of cakes. They can't write us hate mail. The reason more people are getting bitten could be there's a lot of sad dogs out there. Here's a link to the story.
Or is this a PR puff from the drug industry? Are we going to just be buying a pill to make our dogs happier when perhaps all they need is a good walk, some quality time with us and a bit of love?
Do let me know your thoughts, interview just after 2pm UK time.


Richard said…
Once again the emphasis is being put on the dog, not the way it's treated and how it reacts to that treatment.
Like BSL it moves the focus away from the real problem and thereby makes it worse.
Geraldine Cove-Print said… we now reach for a pill for our dogs instead of swallowing the bitter pill of respons1bilty? there are a whole raft of problems that dogs can exhibit, most of them caused by poor management , education and communication...dogs really are a reflection of our society. Prozac has been proven to be useful in extreme cases of behaviour disorder alongside additional therapy, but I fear that a quick fix that may be offered by any mood altering drug will become an instant hit and this will fill a need within anxious owners and some Veterinarians pockets
PBurns said…
In the book "Adam's Task," animal trainer Vick Hearne writes:

"If a very serious dog and a very serious handler are lucky enough to walk into a serious world together, then there is, say, no biting problem. In a different world with a different handler, that's a different dog, and someone has to haul out either some doggie Prozac or the sodium phenobatbital."

Funny how no one mentions that all dogs are not alike and that MOST dogs need a LOT more excercise than they are getting.

What most people want is not a dog, but a puppy.

And what most people need is a CAT.

Bobbie said…
When my dog's depressed I throw a ball. It works to pull her out of her depression immediately.
Anonymous said…
This is a complete crock and yet again trying to give lazy owners a guilt free get out of jail card.

Our local rescue commented that they would do very well from designing their own range of cuddly toys. There being so many people coming through the doors wanted a dog but only one that was just the right size, colour etc and being fully trained from the off, so no effort would have to be made. They could take a toy instead as they certainly wouldn't get one of their dogs.
Chapstaff said…
Well - what a build up to...nothing much.

Yes - the cat & the Setter were treated unkindly. Yes - the vet fiddled an insurance claim, perhaps to help the client who would have otherwise exceeded their insurance limit per claim.

Yes - vet nurses were doing procedures they weren't qualified to do, but I bet that happens on a regular basis everywhere.

Considering we would have only been shown a carefully edited version it wasn't too bad at all.

I woudn't be happy at my pet being treated in that way, & in an ideal world it wouldn't happen, but it's not an ideal world.

If I used Medivet it wouldn't put me off using them.

Like a friend commented to me - maybe someone at the BBC felt they had been overcharged by Medivet & fancied doing a minor hatchet job on them!
Anonymous said…
Not being qualified to do something and being able are two different things. This is not an ideal world but just because something happens on a regular basis does not make it right. People are breeding unhealthy and sick dogs all the time - never mind. There is a lot in the editing sure, so why examples from so many branches. There still has to be footage in the first place to illicit a hatchet job!
Claire M said…
I thought the standard of care provided by Medivet was APPALLING - I can't believe that ANYONE would take their pet to a Medivet surgery after watching this programme. Chapstaff, this is NOT as much as you can expect from a veterinary practice!! I worked as a veterinary nurse for ten years and my colleagues were consistently compassionate, hard-working, honest and professional...

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