Can you help these gorgeous Italians find their way home?

I have a huge soft spot for Italian Spinoni - their little (actually quite large) faces look so vulnerable and sad at the best of times.
Two of this quite rare breed are currently missing and their owners are in that horrible heart-in-mouth situation of not being able to rest.
Can you please keep your eyes peeled for Oscar and Milo? Who knows, they may end up out of area. Any new dogs in your area?
Oscar was lost in Nottingham and Milo (who is only 6 months old) was in Cambridge. Milo was hit by a car on Limetree Avenue before running off into the woods. He appeared unhurt but was clearly very distressed. He was seen shortly after still running, but no sightings since.
Click on their names for their Lost Dog links. Do register while you're looking, so if there's a lost dog in your area you get an email.
And while you're looking, don't forget Jacob (above)- the Bracco Italiano who is still very sadly missing after a heart-breakingly long time.


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