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In the early hours of this morning the September edition was put to bed and uploaded to our printers. It's not on sale until August 12th, but for some reason August is a very busy time for printers and we had a very narrow window to hit to get the edition on press this month and a million and one reasons for everything running a little late!
Thank you to my wonderful team for a maverick effort getting the job done this month and every month for the past twenty years, you're fantastic!
Yesterday we also had our photoshoot, which is always hectic and great fun - but this time we had a twist! Blue Peter were with us filming with their lovely new dog Barney.
As well as the Fido Fact breeds we decided to invite along some of what we regard as our extended Dogs Today family this being a special shoot. It was more like a party. We had a ball!
Thank you to everyone who came yesterday, travelling many miles to be with us, old friends and new.
Cracking edition from the team this month!
The two celebrity scoops are:
Formula 1's Mark Webber telling us how his beloved dogs keep him on track, Sam Simon - one of the creators of the The Simpsons - tells us the very special use he's making of those well-earned millions! What a fabulous man.
Loads on alternative meds and 60 lucky readers will get free Aromatherapy worth £11 - wow!
Five luxurious and really dog-friendly holidays to win worth £5k. And in many cases discounts even if you don't win.
First big interview with the new boss of the new Dog Advisory Council. You will want to read Jemima's interview, this could be a potentially key appointment for all dogs.
I could go on and on, when I was proof reading I couldn't help but think - wow, there's a lot in this issue!
On Monday, it's time to start October.
It'll soon be Christmas!
Can I just mention, I know people of my age will be especially green with envy - sorry, but I got a Blue Peter badge yesterday. I am tempted to wear it every day. Means more to me than Bulgari diamonds (honest!).


Chapstaff said…
Sounds like a brill read, can't wait, looking forward to the photo shoot pages.
Congrats on the Blue Peter Badge (I'd rather have diamonds) lol
Did they ask you to appear on Bloop Eater? (Sorry - the kids always called it that when they were little)

By the way - you've really upset me now mentioning the C word :0(

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