Can I do an acceptance speech, cry a lot and thank my family....? Thought not.

I've just discovered this blog has won an award! If you click on the symbol to the right you can find out more about the top 50 dog blogs, quite a meaty reading list it is!
Apologies for the lack of blogging recently, I'm on holiday with the family so not really working at full speed!
Normal service will be resumed far too soon!


Well done anyway, even if you leave out the acceptance speech. It's well deserved for an entertaining and informative blog which I look forward to reading when I switch on my pc.
Chapstaff said…
Yay! 4th, not that I'm surprised. Congratulations
Anonymous said…
Well done. Since discovering the magazine I took the further step to the blog. I have to say I've not been dissapointed with either. Very informative, thought provoking and amusing.

Have a nice holiday and don't worry about lack of blogging - remember you are entitled to a life!

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