Last night we went to Grasse for dinner, have to say it was unexceptional - mainly due to having to pick the only restaurant with chicken nuggets on the menu enfant!
But the dogs that were passing were far more interesting.
Two Berger de Pyrenees, a Havanese and an English Pointer.
I have to say all the Pyrenean Sheepdogs are very much smaller in this region than elsewhere - very little. And scruffier! So many with bald patches!
Talking of bald, yesterday we saw a Chinese Crested wearing a sun dress.
Lots of dogs, yet it is so very hot for us humans.
Guess they must get used to it.


Zola The Ridgeback Girl said…
Hello Mrs Cuddy - Shame you are not enjoying the delights of a mediterranean cuisine. Yes, us French Riviera dogs are use to the heat! Although I tend to get my human up mega-early to go on certain doggie beaches and then I can sleep the day away near a cold fan..ready for late evening play & adventures! Antibes is always a good choice for yummy meals and I normally go along with my human since we're allowed almost everywhere (apart from supermarkets & DIY stores - I'm not too sad about that!)
If you have your dogs with you plateau de caussols or plateau de calern (up a montain to the astorama point) is amazing for a proper day in the country (behind Grasse)
I thoroughly recommend Eze village & St Paul de Vence.
my new Blog:
I will be starting my 'Riviera Paws' section for all the walks and cool locations I know in the area so far - including best doggie-friendly restaurants (doggie stars for comfort/ treats/ water quality and sniff interest).
For a real local run down look on the forum for French Riviera/ food & drink etc /whats on etc - might be helpful on your hols.
My human loves your magazine.
Regards & Bons vacances
Zola the Rhodesian Ridgeback Girl
Beverley Cuddy said…
Yesterday we found the perfect restaurant in the Juan de ? just next to Antibes, on the beach so we could slip off our shoes as we ate. And while the normal menu was exciting and daring - the menu enfant had reassuringly simple chicken nuggets and chips!
Everyone happy and children playing on the beach as the sun went down. Idyllic.

Tonight a big treat - L'Oasis. Only Michellin starred restaurant we've tried this holiday. Have emailed ahead with request for chicken breast for very fussy son!

Seeing so many dogs, but you're right it's early or late. Oscar and Tess don't have pet passports so aren't with us on this trip. But I love the fact the dogs are everywhere, in the shops and restaurants.

And what a great idea for other doggie folk on holiday to have your blog to consult! Even if we don't take our dogs with us it's so nice to get a dog fix!

My son says the only thing he's missing is the dogs.

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