Photo opportunity

Do you have any of these breeds or do you know anyone with them?

Irish Wolfhounds
Giant Schnauzers
German Short Haired Pointers?

We have one of our famous photoshoots on Friday in Slough at Martin Dawe Photography's studios with the amazing Tim Rose, probably the best dog photographer in the world.
It's all been done in a bit of a rush for a number of reasons, hence the late notice here for our next three Fido Facts breeds... but we're looking forward to welcoming Blue Peter so it's an extra special shoot this month.
And we've got some very well known doggie/human celebs coming along, too.  And you should see the doggie bags for this shoot, they really are fantastic!
You also get to keep a copy of all the photography and it's lots of fun, there's lots of parking, it's easy to find - just off the M4, air con and loads of treats for the dogs - and if you're around at lunchtime - loads of pizza!
If you have any of the above breeds please email ASAP.


Linda Ward said…
Is there a number to call? I know someone who's got Giant Schnauzers, and breeds them but she's not online.

Not sure if she can make Friday but she def won't be able to email.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Office is manned till 6pm - Rachael best to talk to: 01276 858880. I'm child juggling this evening but if she wants to text me that would be cool - my mobile number will be on the above number outside office hours or tomorrow am great!
Anonymous said…
shame they are no photographed out side, think they look much better in the natural light and in the role they were bred to do, and so you can see the whole shape of the dog, face pictures are ok but much better to see the whole outline
HandsOnPaws said…
Aw, i missed this! A friend of mine has just taken delivery of her beautiful new Irish wolfhound puppy, he's huge!

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