I heard it on the radio (over the Internet!)

As you know we're on holiday so not doing the usual things, but a nasty comment on my blog (which I rejected as it wasn't even as amusingly rude as anony-mouse normally manages!) tipped me off that Jonathon Ross was talking about Dogs Today on BBC Radio 2!
Being overseas I had to think about how to find out what was really being said as my anony-mouse attacker made it sound really terrible.
Turns out BBC iplayer lets you listen to radio overseas even if the TV is off limits so 15 mins after the programme aired I could hear what I'd been hearing snippets about second-hand on Twitter and Facebook. Was I going to be ruined, would all my advertisers flee? Had we been slandered?
Was meant to be in the pool and helping out with the bbq - but instead I was glued to the laptop that was really heating up in the sun.
At about 35 minutes in Jonathon and his sidekick started flicking through the magazine and talking about the adverts and having a real laugh.
Hold on, was I suffering from heat stroke?
A prime time BBC radio programme reading out our adverts and saying what a lovely magazine it is and how they always read it - how could even anony-mouse have thought this was a bad thing?
Here's the link so you can hear, too!
What a wonderful surprise! And on what I think is his final radio show.
JR has reduced me to tears twice already with incredible acts of dog-related kindness, but a plug on his last ever radio show has to be hard to top!
And if anyone has a French Bulldog looking for a home, he'll obviously have a bit more free time for the next few months for walking a new dog!
JR we're going to miss you!


Chapstaff said…
It comes on at 36 mins 38 secs for those in a hurry.

How could anyone think JR was in any way criticising the mag. He was discussing the ads with his tongue firmly in his cheek...One title was " Itchy, Smelly, Scurfy" or something like that, & he said it was 3 more of the dwarves (Snow White etc)lol.

Love the way he described the dog in the car vomiting green spew over everyone. Hilarious!

Good to know he loves his copy of Dogs Today & reads it.
He says it is a "lovely magazine". He clearly enjoys reading it.

D for Dog got a mention on his show once, when we used to sell sunvisors for dogs. He had a bit of a laugh at them but it was still a great mention and the show is entertainment after all.
Anonymous said…
Have missed the last few saturdays, tuned in this week and also heard it. He's very dog/pet related but often comes across as a little unrealistic. So nice to hear that he reads a dog magazine with content instead of the other blur on the market. Result!

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