Pembrokeshire holiday advice please!

One of our trusty team, Claire Horton-Bussey is about to head off on holiday with a child, a baby and a dog and is asking for advice (surprised she's not asking for valium!). I said I'd pass on her plea!

Does anyone have any experience of holidaying with a dog in the Narbeth/Tenby area of Pembrokeshire, particularly younger families? 
What are the day holding kennels like at Oakwood theme park? What are the best dog-friendly beaches available at this time of year? Any recommended pubs / restaurants that let in children and dogs?


In the pink said…
Lovely area. Lots of dog friendly beaches - even part of Tenby!We stayed just outside Pembroke with two Standard poodles and had a really great time.
Julie Hill said…
We went to this genuinely dog friendly aquarium in Tenby. There are reptiles upstairs, and the staff are very friendly and will tell you about the exhibits. Here's a link:
Also Heatherton Park (near Tenby) allows dogs and there are lots of activities to try out.
Have fun!
We came back from the area earlier this month. We do not have children but have 2 elderly Jack Russells. We all had a great time. We found Tenby beach is divided up into a dog side and non dog side. There is plenty of room on the dog side and all the dogs there seemed very well behaved. We were able to take our dogs with us to Caldey Island (off tenby) No doubt you already have your accommodation booked but for anyone else we would recommend the organic smallholding we stayed on Fynnon Samson. The owners (next door) and their children were lovely and the place is very dog and child friendly. The other place we walked our dogs was on the Preselli Hills where there are fabulous views. There is a relatively easy walk up to the viewpoint. We'd also recommend the pub Tafarn Sinc at Rosebush for being super friendly. Dogs aren't allowed inside but they have a lovely garden with great views. At Narbeth there are playing fields right next to the main car park (just on the edge of the town) where you can take your dogs. We and our dogs had a great time in Pembrokshire.

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