Competition time again!

Can you guess which breeds/types combined to produce these two dogs? First correct winner to send answer to will receive either a breed specific book or a general book on dogs, courtesy of Interpet Publishing. I'll be issuing clues if it doesn't go quickly!

CLUES: Both gundogs, one is working variant, one precious, one sharing part of Pulp lead singer's name - guesses on email please to

WE HAVE A WINNER! Congrats Mandie Heslop. Working Cocker x Golden Retriever was the answer.

But there's still plenty of time to enter the caption competition, please think up something witty to say about the picture below! We're judging the caption competition on Monday at 1pm, so you need to have submitted to before then!

Caption winner receives a homeopathic remedy called Anxiety, from Company of Animals. The fast-acting liquid promotes a sense of calm in animals exhibiting fear, anxiety or any unwanted behaviour, including those caused by fireworks, separation-elicited problems and travel sickness.
Caption runners-up win a CLIX Noises and Sounds CD from the Company of Animals for calming and preventing sound phobias in dogs.

Comments said…
"Ya know, you didn't have to spend the money on a dishwasher. I keep tellin' ya I can do the work for ya!"
marley said…
You washed my scraps? I would have eaten them straight from the plates you know

Peter Callaway said…
well it got my paws white, what about the rest of me?
Linda Ward said…
I'm just a good dog saying my prayers. I'm praying you don't notice me cleaning this bowl with my tongue.
Anonymous said…
just how stupid are people!!!! the fact that a dishwasher can be steaming hot when it first open mean it should NEVER be and area a puppy or dog should be allowed to play, this owner is the worst kind who thinks cute is above safe!!!

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