Some news to lift the soul...

I always am cheered by a phone call from Allen Parton.
Things are really taking off for new charity Hounds for Heroes.
One of our lovely readers has persuaded his employers DHL to really get behind the charity and Marks and Spencer and Waitrose are already on board. Impressive stuff for a new charity. But each one of these corporates were involved by just one person being moved and then making it happen. The charity seems to reach out to individuals and make them want to do something - whether that's giving a £1 or putting on a coffee morning or persuading their big bosses to get involved, too - it's all good stuff. People caring and actually being moved to do something about it.
But today's new good news was that the lovely folk at Kong have given Hounds for Heroes £5,000 - enough to train a dog!
As a Kong was Endal's favourite toy they've also agreed to supply their fantastic toys to the charity on an on-going basis, too.
Isn't that lovely?
Made my day that call.
The script for Endal the movie is due any day soon.
In the 20 years I've been doing this job, it's amazing how many stories we've seen that could turn into Hollywood movies. It's so lovely that our readers will have a grandstand seat to watch this one make it to the big screen!
So proud of Allen and all he does. Love him writing in the magazine and telling the developing story.


Black Lab said…
How good of Kong, I hope other companies are as generous. By the way, I love the cover for October.
sharon said…
How fantastic of Kong and how fitting. What a lovely lovely gesture.

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