Radio 4 and something to make us all smile

Tune in to this...
This coming Tuesday (7th Sept) on BBC Radio 4 there  is a half hour programme called "What's the Point of The Kennel Club?"  It is on at 9am and repeated later that day at 9.30 pm. The blurb for the  programme says:

"Caught between health regulations and protests  about inbreeding, the Kennel Club seems to be all bark and no bite. Are it's days numbered?"
It's been a long time in the making, wonder what their conclusions will be?

POSTSCRIPT - Click here to read the latest blog on this subject.

...and I'm struggling to find a link, but there must be one somewhere....

Watch this. It really cheered me up. If the KC get a real savaging maybe it'll still make them smile? This dog must have amazing hips...


Anonymous said…
Just Listened to the Radio 4 Program,if I could mention in Particular ,Carol Fowler, who made such a Strong Case for our Cavaliers on it about their Syringomyelia Health Problem which is caused by the Cavaliers' Skulls not being Big Enough for their Brains .

This Shocked the Interviewer Quentin Letts.

Bet Hargreaves
Chapstaff said…
Amazing! That was real dancing with all the 'arm' movements too. I'm stunned.
I can't believe how he/she managed all that backwards walking on just 2 legs. What a rapport they have.

Bet the dog had back ache at the end though.

Thanks for sharing
Anonymous said…
I am rather stunned that being so continously critical of the KC for promoting 'deformed/unnatural' dogs, you could find this video even faintly amusing and your comment regarding the dog's hips..?
As Chapstaff has said, I expect the dog had backache. Goldies are a big, heavy breed. This one was placed in an entirely unnatural position virtually for the whole of 3 minutes. When you condisider the training time taken to get to this point, how many hours as this dog walked on it's hind legs? Now perhaps its not cruel on a massive scale like breeding vast numbers of dogs that can't breathe, but I wonder when this dog reaches middle/old age whether it will be just as disabled? I don't have issues with 'doggy dancing' but it surely cannot be in the dog's best interests to be maintaining such an unnatural and stressful (on lumbar and pelvic regions)position for a prolonged period and promoting it will of course lead to others trying to emulate it with their own dog.
Paula Robertson said…
This makes me both sad and confused.

I have followed Beverley and Dogs Today for many years, and am more than mystified as why this clip would cheer anyone up???

It is more circus like than I could ever have imagined either of the above to endorse.
Beverley Cuddy said…
I've watched this clip a few more times. I don't like the dog wearing clothes and some of the more invasive moves make me uncomfortable, but the dog does seem to be enjoying this from my interpretation of the body language... but it is, at the same time, really creepy somehow.
So I agree - not necessarily something to make you smile. I take that back.
Anonymous said…
Thank you Beverly for taking on board the comments regarding the dancing dog.

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