What I want for Christmas...

I know it sounds a bit early, but it isn't really. 
Now is the time for our loved ones to be researching and finding that killer present that really shows they care and are totally in tune with our tastes! (No pressure, obviously!)
So come on, share! 
What's the best thing you've seen, what's the top of your really must have list - obviously with a doggie theme, although I would still be fascinated to hear which outfits from Figleaf you've got your eye on!
As a woman who has seen almost every conceivable doggie-related gift, here's the latest gift idea across my desk that had me saying, "Well I've never seen anything like that before!"

These are incredibly realistic miniatures made out of your own dog's hair! The website is fascinating, Lucy Maloney has a rare talent.
Now I am relying on you guys to top this with something even more fantastic and tell me all about it. I will be moving this over to the Think Tank blog, too so you can all share your unbeatable Xmas pressie ideas and we'll put the best in our December magazine.
Do you know someone that makes something really special? Or maybe you do yourself? Come on lets share our little black book secrets with each other!


Anonymous said…
Oh my God! The cat ones are soooo cute, too! Finally some good can come of all the fuzz I scrape off carpets and bedding!

Lori said…
I have seen her work before and am fascinated how realistic these mini-pets are!

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