Quentin, oh cripes, what a stinker!

If you listened to yesterday's BBC Radio 4 programme entitled What's the Point of the Kennel Club?  I think you would have to conclude that a better question would have been, "What's the Point of Quentin Letts?"
If nothing else, he's sealed his pole position for the title Upper Class Twit of the Year!
He totally trivialised every issue and turned in a terribly muddled piece that lurched all over the place - like a less intelligent Boris Johnson talking on his mobile while cycling.
I am still gobsmacked by the wafer-thin and yet unchallenged KC defense for them allowing dogs that had failed their health tests being bred-on-from and shown. I don't yet have the transcript to hand but the gist of the Alice-in-Wonderland-style logic is that 'dogs really love being shown so why shouldn't they have fun' - even if they are crippled, blind, about to pop-off with a heart defect etc. And that of course they should be bred from, we don't want to lose their genetic diversity. (Ironic isn't it, what with them not recognising the case for real genetic diversity protection - still allowing grandparent to grandpup matings despite Bateson's strong recommendation that this should have stopped!)
Quentin, call yourself a journalist?
You let that go unchallenged?
Can I have your NUJ card please - and possibly any scissors or very sharp pencils.
With so little mental agility, perhaps it's time for him to be moved into the rooms with the padded walls?
It's still on the BBC i-player if you want to listen and make your own mind up as to his competence.
Muddled, befuddled and making light of a very serious subject.
And why didn't he ask the Patterdale Terrier folk why they don't want their precious breed registered by the KC? Surely that might have opened his barely open eyes a fraction - that's if he really does love his own dogs?
I always assumed Quentin Letts wasn't a real person when he wrote his column the Mail.
Having heard him on Radio 4 yesterday, I'm now even more convinced!


Frances said…
I agree - this was about as far from investigative journalism as it is possible to get. Nothing was challenged, nothing was explored - a self satisfied piece of woffle, right down to its comfy cosy conclusion. I too was left speechless by the KC's spokeswoman on why dogs should not be health tested before being allowed in the ring, and her "explanation" of the need for genetic diversity showed about the same level of understanding of that issue. Not even a mention of such work as the KC is doing in terms of encouraging testing. Balderdash, Quentin!
Anonymous said…
Didnt make me smile!What a waste of 30 minutes this was total drivvle
Anonymous said…
Just listened to this programme. When you realise the man is from the Mail it is little surprise as to the content. It was 18 minutes in before anything really mentioned about health problems. So many things mentioned and not challenged. He simply went along with everything Kisco said with no investigative skill before or after. Stating she appeared to be energetic and assertive - what's that got to do with the price of chips! How she has the nerve to say health tested positive and genetic diversity in the same sentence - with no expansion of either term. Have to say though the GSD rep did himself no favours when it came to the hip scores as 20 is only just on the mean line.
An awful lot of waffle and history with very little content.

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