We'll fight them on the beaches....

More news from the good folk trying to stop the beach ban in Cornwall:

Following what can only described as a bizarre Parish Council Meeting last Tuesday, we once again ask for your help. The final vote on the dog ban issue is to be held at the next meeting on the 13th of September 2010.
Our tactics need to become more focused - this is the last chance to influence the decision!
Whether you live in Perranporth, the Perranzabuloe Parish, Cornwall or ex-Cornwall, if you know or are related to any person who is a resident of the Parish, please ask them to lobby their local Parish Councillors (and with urgency).
It was plainly stipulated at the previous meeting by the Chairperson and others that the Council would only consider the opinions of residents of the Parish (circa 3,000 adults) as they are the people who they represent. While this was a stated aim, it became quite obvious that the deliberations of the Councillors were, for the most part, based on personal bias and opinion rather than the true representation of their Parishioners’ views and interests.
As per the previous email, the Council considered three options, a total dog ban, dogs restricted by virtue of dates and times or no dog ban. Following a proposal to vote on option 2, this was supported by all Councillors bar 3. The working party are now investigating option 2 and will make further proposals which will form the basis of the final vote on the 13th. 
It is our opinion that any restriction on dog access based on seasonality and/or time will have the same basic affect as a total ban. This will primarily affect the tourist trade in the area as visitors realise they potentially will not be allowed to take their dogs on the beach during daytime in the season. 
We believe that the example of the rules affecting the Southwest Coastal Path should be followed. Put simply, dogs must be kept under close control at all times. If your dog is well trained and walks to command, great. If not, then put it on the lead in busy areas. Common sense would also say dogs should be under control/on a lead in the busiest parts of the beach during the season and to keep them away from areas flagged by the RNLI lifeguards. This initiative can be supported by the use of volunteer dog wardens, sponsored bins etc as previously noted.
SO! If you are someone in the Parish (not just Perranporth village), or know or are related to someone in the Parish, please get them on the case now! We only have until the 13th of September to make an influence. You can find out more about the previous meeting and which Councillors to contact at http://www.dogsloveperranporth.com/news.html
 One final push, let’s hope it’s successful! 


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