Single? Got a dog? Read on....!

I'd like to point out I didn't write the words in italics that follow...

Do you yearn for a bit of puppy love?
Do you agree that you can tell a lot about a person from their dog??
If so, why not take part in this unusual dating experiment ... you'd be barking to miss the opportunity!
A television company is seeking dog loving singles to take part in a fun, non-broadcast, pilot TV show. If you're outgoing and up for a laugh then we want to hear from you.
In return for helping us find out whether our TV idea has (four!) legs, you'll get to go on three great dates and who knows, you might also meet the partner of your dreams!
Please email or call 0203 179 0099 for more details!
Hope to hear from you soon!
Doggy Dating team

Hope it becomes a real programme! I'd watch.
Be fascinated to hear from anyone brave enough to give this one a go!
Has your dog proved to be a social lubricant? 
"Can you tell a lot about a man from the size of his dog?"
That honestly really was the title of a genuine article in Dogs Today some years ago. We had a psychologist telling us that dogs were like cars and a man with a very big dog was often a bit of a disappointment in other departments. 
Wasn't that the same issue where we had several nude men with their various breeds of dogs covering their embarrassment? 
It was an unforgettable day in the studio.
In 20 years of producing Dogs Today we've covered almost everything - including male appendages with strategically placed Dachshunds! 


Si said…
Well, s'funny you should say that Beverley. I had 2 Dobies... story went that I was writing a book, complete with an allied project. 'Mr Financier' turned up, loved the idea,the project.
Next stage bank transfer..
Nope - he met my dogs, Ziggy and Venus, and reckoned that as my dogs were so soft and cuddly, he reckoned it reflected my personality, and decided against investing.
I didn't have that 'killer instinct for doing the business'.
Despite having two softies did I achieve it all?
Anonymous said…
It would certainly make a funny programme. First impression - man with a dachshund - can't handle a real dog, can't handle a real woman! I know that's a sweeping statement but have to admit that the type of dog a man owns does influence the attraction. The flip side being if he doesn't like my dogs, he doesn't get very far.

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