Dummy for the pups with no Mummy

Many Tears Rescue based in Wales has an inventive foster carer sharing the raising of three orphaned pups. The pups' mum collapsed and a vet had to give her a caesarean section but she became comatose and did not produce any milk. The breeder, in desperation, asked Many Tears to take them on and try and save them. The pups, only hours old, started to drink from a premature baby bottle, but between meals started suckling furiously on each other. At this point Leah, who has shared the care of them with her mother, Sylvia, bought them a dummy each. This has saved the from making each other sore by trying to suckle. Many Tears hopes to be able to save these pups and offer them for adoption in five weeks time. To get in touch or make a donation to help Many Tears continue their work see the website at www.manytears.co.uk <http://www.manytears.co.uk>  or call 01269 843084 between 10 and 4



Kate Price said…
well done many tears:)
However, a word of caution. Dummies are extremely dangerous to dogs especially pups if swallowed. The rubber/silicone swells up and can cause blockage.
Chapstaff said…
Oops! Ask any vet which object they remove most from dogs' insides....after the corn on the cob it's dummies.

What happened to their mum, did she make it?

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