I'm Phillip Schofield's worst nightmare

I've been having a bit of an odd day. It's half term and for me that means I'm only half with it. Working mums will know the feeling. You're not 100% working properly and your not 100% being Mum of the Year - so you've got double guilt.
On top of that, I had a really weird dream.
Last night I dreamed I was married to Phillip Schofield, the presenter of This Morning and Dancing on Ice etc.
He's never been on my radar as potential husband material or indeed fantasy material.
And the really weird thing about this dream, where you're meant to be able to do anything you like...
it was how terribly mudane it all was.
He was as he is on screen, really lovely, smiley, supportive - but I just couldn't help being totally irritated by him and letting it show. In my dream I was really horrible to him and he just kept smiling sweetly and putting up with me and being more and more obsequious.
So today I am feeling guilt for that, too!
Relatively normal service will be resumed tomorrow, depending on tonight's dream of course.
It'll probably Peter Andre's turn tonight. Ugh.
Wasn't it great to see Tina and Chandi winning last night on Britain's Got Talent? I heard someone suggesting Chandi is this year's Susan Boyle, still not sure who that offends the most!
On the mag we've known Chandi since she was pretty much a pup - so it was a shock to hear she was now 12 - gosh that's gone so quickly. What a brilliant partnership they are and what temperament to be able to cope with live TV. We've always loved having Tina and Chandi in the studio and no one is cheering them on louder than we are on our couch.
Wouldn't it be great if they could win the whole thing!
Now why couldn't I dream of that?


Chapstaff said…
I never dream -or at least I never remember. I think yours was more of a nightmare lol

Re Britain's Got Talent: It's even better news with Chandi being a rescue dog.

Hope they win, I bet the Queen would love to watch them.

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