Still time to make us laugh...

Now this is a difficult photo, but let me point out some things to you... look closely at those teeth. Is Smith a pup who is teething? Or has he had an argument with a wasp?

Lovely prizes and so little time left. Email your best efforts to and you can enter as many times as you like!

I've started worrying that this photo should be the other way around - that the dog is actually lying on its side!

Come on, it's got to be worth an email....!

Best caption wins a Clix Training Kit from the Company of animals. Email your funniest captions to before the 10th June.

Cross question has been won already - with hardly any clues! Wow.


Chapstaff said…
I wonder how many of us immediately turned our heads to the side lol

Already emailed my captions
marley said…
Caption: "This was the last thing John saw before he died from "Whippet Kisses"

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