Size zero Dachshunds

An anony-mouse poster inadvertently reminded me via comments on the Shar-Pei thread that we hadn't mentioned the size zero scandal in Dachshunds for quite a while. Seems that there's still a problem. There's a petition you can sign, here's the wording:

In January 2007, the UK Kennel Club agreed that the mandatory weighing of Miniature Dachshunds should cease "as soon as possible" - a decision taken to "remove the perception in the minds of many people that some dogs are deprived of food and/or water prior to competition, in order to meet the maximum weight requirement for Miniatures as outlined in the Dachshund breed standard." The Kennel Club also ruled that dogs could no longer be weighed at Crufts, its flagship show. However, it continued to allow the Dachshund breed clubs to weigh dogs at other shows.  As a result, some exhibitors continue to deprive their dogs of food and/or water prior and during competition. Some may also use laxatives, diuretics, thyroxin and even insert implements into the rectum to encourage dogs to defecate in order to keep them under the maximum weight of 11lbs (5kg). Despite many complaints to the Kennel Club, and considerable adverse publicity, the KC has continued to permit weighing at shows other than Crufts - unfortunately persuaded by influential members of some breed clubs who want to continue weighing. This petition is to ask the Kennel Club to ban the weighing at all KC-endorsed shows and we hope all those who care about the welfare of these little dogs will give us their support.

Please show your support of the above by signing and drawing this petition to the attention of others.

Click here for the link.


Kate Price said…
But do not bother to make the Kennel Club aware.
This link was posted on their face book page by 3 different people. It was deleted by them at least 6 times!
And also one of the people who cares for the dachsunds welfare were BLOCKED from writing on their page, like I have myself.
So thats their method of dealing with people who want an open honest discussion on what IS a matter of animal welfare.
Well done Kennel Club for NOT being open to any discussions and continuing to slam the door in the face of those that care.

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