Turn your dog hair into prizes!

This is your last chance to enter the "hairiest dog owner in Britain" competition. And no - you don't have to be hairy!

There's a really great prize!

Here's what you have to do:
Put a week's worth of dog fluff or hair in a bag and post it off to Lintbells Ltd, Unit 16 Weston Barns, Weston, SG4 7AX.
And give them your:
Name, Address, Postcode and email address. Plus a daytime phone number so they can tell you you've won!
Tell them the name of your dog, what type it is and it's approximate height at the shoulder and whether it is a naturally short or long coated dog so they can assess the amount of hair you've posted.
And the tie breaker - please say why your dog should win! (Blown up three hoovers, you friends think you've started wearing mohair, you've changed your carpets to match the dog etc etc!)

1st prize - a year's supply of Yumega for one dog and a photoshoot with a top animal photographer. (Yumega is a brilliant supplement that restored the shine to both my dogs coats in a very short period of time!)

(Plus if anyone is really naturally very hairy and proud of it there will be a special prize should you want to send us a photo!)

A bit about the prize:
Yumega is a brilliant supplement that really does sort out so many coat problems - it is a really good source of Omega oils that can be lacking in many diets. For more details about Yumega visit their website.

So get the Dyson out and dig out your fluff, clean your brushes, get the sellotape on your hairiest jackets...

Really good chance of winning and entries must arrive by July 8th. If you've been stockpiling your combing - get them in the post now!


Lucy King said…
I've been stockpiling for a week and sent my dog's smelly hair off today - yuck! I do feel sorry for whoever opens it the other end!

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