Will watchdog prove toothless?

We've all been wondering who will chair the new Advisory Council on Welfare Issues of Dog Breeding and now we know.

It's Professor Sheila Crispin MA, VetMB, BSc, PhD, DVA, DVOphthal, DipECVO, FRCVS

Now you can't say this isn't someone who has a lot of qualifications, but... it's the fact that she's already a member of the Kennel Club which makes me sigh! 
She was even a member of the old KC Breed Health and Welfare Strategy Group... and that obviously didn't sort the problem out did it!

What chance then of a firm hand confidently leading them to change? 
Perhaps the only applicant?

Accepting the appointment, Professor Crispin said:
“I am very honoured to have been selected from what I am aware was a very competitive field of candidates and I am thrilled to have this opportunity to contribute to a step change in the quality of life enjoyed by dogs of all sorts in this country. However, I am under no illusions about the scale of the challenge facing us.  From the poor welfare of breeding bitches on puppy farms to the well documented issues of damaging conformation and genetic disease, we have a lot of problems to address.
"My next and most important tasks include the selection of the members of the Council and the development of a strategy prioritising our work over the short and medium term.
I would like to call on those who have a professional, personal or business interest in dogs to support the Council.  That we have got this far is due to the commitment and generosity of a few key dog and animal welfare organisations and to their willingness to work together for the good of dogs.  We will be looking for further support to help us in the task ahead.”

Suspect Clarges Street are smiling today. It's like Fabio finding out the referee for tonight's match is John Terry's dad. 

Who knows maybe Shelia will be independent enough to make the changes that are needed for the protection of the dog in the future?
And who knows maybe we'll win the World Cup....



Anonymous said…
As yo have made these remarks, tell us have you ever met Professor Crispin? I have I think she is more than qualified for this role, and unlike the many people who write in the press on the subject, she is qualified to make comments and judgements. I will assume if this isnt published you havnt met her, but admiting so would ruin you chance to moan
Beverley Cuddy said…
No, haven't met Professor Crispin yet.

And if you seriously believe that the only qualification for having an opinion is having met someone there'd be no history books!

I've not made any personal remarks about her, I've just presented a matter of fact. She was part of the infrastructure that got dogs into this mess in the first place.

Asking someone already so closely involved in contributing to the problem to be part of the solution does not sound logical.

There has been and remains a culture of denial of the urgency and seriousness of the reforms needed and for such a vital role we needed someone who accepted these as fact and got their teeth into making the hard decisions ahead to protect the welfare of all our dogs.

A cosy insider appointment may take the heat off the KC, but it doesn't serve the best interests of dogs. And we are already seeing the focus change to be all encompassing fudge. In 12 days a year this committee would struggle to just look at a tiny aspect of inbreeding - never mind widening out to cover dangerous dogs and puppy farming!

This could have been a significant and bold step in the right direction, but I'm afraid I recognise the sort of footwork that would be well rewarded on Strictly Come Dancing.

Let's hope Prof Crispin isn't the pushover the KC hope she is going to be.
Bet Hargreaves said…
Thank you Beverley for your comments,after reading Professor Bateson's Report , I had such high hopes about what the Independant Advisory Council could do for our Dogs, maybe the the help will have to come from the Government.

Bet Hargreaves
Anonymous said…
no comment on the £5,000 from the Kennel CLub Chatitable trust for Tailwaggers, or do you only like to moan about them on this site?
Anonymous said…
So much for the Independent Advisory Council. It smacks of lipservice and pr spin. How impartial were the panel allocating the post - who did they consist of in terms of representative body. If she has the vision to take it far and wide, what great leaps were taken in the past within the KC under her name. It would seem that those who do not walk the party line in the KC and many breed clubs do not stay there for long. I read the Bateson report and will keep looking to see if any of the next developments bear any relation to his recommendations. I do hope he did not waste his time.
Anonymous said…
As a owner who has sought Prof Crispin advice in the past as head of the BVA Eye Panel, I find the flippant way in which you assess her integrity, ability, wisdom and her record in canine health and welfare says far more about your own agenda in points scoring trying to make your own career in the media world than it does about the role that she is to undertake.
Beverley Cuddy said…
Brave anonymous (!) KC apologist, let's hope you're right for the sake of dogs.

And it was very nice of the KC Charitable Trust to give Tailwaggers a donation, they do refer cases to us and more and more people need help with unexpected vet bills.

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